Use of Name or Logo

Use of Name and Certification Mark or Logo

After a positive decision on certification, it is possible to use the BIQS’s name or logo on letterheads, sales and marketing materials, website, etc. Attached to this procedure is a sample of the logo and this the only way it can be used where it is permitted, but NEVER ON THE FINAL PRODUCT / LABORATORY CERTFICATE / CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE/ INSPECTION REPORT/ TRAINING CERTIFICATE. Rules for use of the logo as follows and must be strictly adhered to:

When BIQS’s logo is used, the logo must contain the standard for which the organization is certified and shall specify the number of certificates (i.e. The number which appears on the assigned certificate).

  • Logo must not be altered in any way, and should only be used on materials containing business address (es) in which the audit took place. It must not be in any way implied or otherwise indicated that the location (s), except those audited, are covered by a certificate.
  • Logo of BIQS may appear on the certificate or may be used in it, only if BIQS confirms the certification for your scope of certification.
  • Logo of BIQS should not appear on products or to be used in any way which would imply that the product is certified.
  • Logo of BIQS can be used (with or without any accreditation logo) on stationery such as sales and contractual documents, letterheads, business cards, invoices, compliment slips, delivery slips, on advertising, displays, posters, TV advertisements, promotional videos, web sites, brochures.
  • Logo of BIQS alone can be used (the Accreditation Logo shall not be used) on all other applications such as on flags, on vehicles, on promotional material accompanying the product, on window stickers, on vehicles, billboard advertisements, on promotional goods such as pocket diaries, coffee mugs, coasters, doormats or any other application.
  • Use of the logo must not in any way be misleading in terms of certification.
  • In the case of suspension or termination of the contract, the use of the logo cancels in all advertising materials containing reference to the certificate.
  • In the case of a reduction in scope, the client is required to correct all of the materials that indicate the certificate.
  • Logo must not be used for activities that are outside the scope of certification.
  • Logo must not be used in a way that could lead to a situation of loss of reputation or public trust.