Complaint and Appeal Process

Every BIQS’ client and all the interested parties have the right to complaint/appeal in the case that the process of activity has not carried out in accordance with the standard requirements that apply to this area.

Complaints detcted whenever the client expresses dissatisfaction over a decision related to a task related to the tasks of BIQS;  i.e. granting, maintaining, renewing, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing of certification, or any other  unacceptable situation arising out of QMS activities with the client, and the client expects a response.

While appeal detcted whenever the client requests a decision related to a task related to the tasks of BIQS to be reconsidered; i.e. granting, maintaining, renewing, extending, reducing, suspending and withdrawing of certification.

For effective resolution of complaints and appeals BIQS holds:

  • publicly available information as to where, when and how they can make complaint and     appeal,
  • the applicant informed immediately by e-mail upon receipt of complaints and appeals to the resolution of the ongoing and in what time to expect a response,
  • Policy and objectives of complaints and appeals processing,
  • The process of resolving complaints and appeals for applicants are free of charge,
  • information of the complaints and appeals are kept confidential,
  • rules, methods, best practices available in resolving complaints and appeals according to reach case separately,
  • informed the applicants of complaints and appeals on all the measures taken.                                  

Reception and recording complaints / appeals

The complaint may be made in any manner that is most suitable to applicant (phone, E-mail, the official letter sent by post to the address), while  appeal has to be addressed formally through the official email for BIQS or directly to the director

Upon receipt of a complaint from the client, a knowledge of receiving complaint e-mail shall be sent to the customer by the quality manager or the director.

Upon receipt of a complaint from the client, the Quality Manager within 3 working days, inform the client about the invistigation result for the complaint.

Upon receipt of an appeal from the client, the Quality Manager within 30 working days, inform the client about the invistigation result for the complaint

Upon receipt of complaints BIQS determines whether the complaint relates to service activities for which it is responsible, and if so it must be taken into consideration. If the complaint relates to service activities then in investigation complaints must consider the effectiveness of the solving.

The complaint / appeal can be received by any personnel of BIQS, but the responsible for processing is the director or other person indicated by the Director for example the quality manager . Since the complainant / appellant need to clearly define what on complaints/ appeals, to be a solution effectively and efficiently solved.

Note: the text of the audit report and comments on the preliminary text of the audit report are not considered complaints / appeals.

– complaint/appeal that arrives in writing shall be introduced to the BIQS appeal form F-1/ BIQS-8 or through the email, and it would be the responsibility of the quality manager to record the complaint/ appeal on the form F1/ BIQS-8.

complaint/appeal that arrives via e-mail is printed, and attached to the completed form to appeal.

– telephone/verbally received the complaint / appeal to be written in complaint/appeal form by the person who received it.

Identification number of complaint/appeal is granted according the date of the arrival in the year.

– The register of complaints / appeals is managed by quality manager in the form F- 2 / BIQS-8 records of complaints / appeals. The respective records of complaints are available also to the administrator who is responsible for its archiving and storage.

Collection of information on the subject of complaint/appeal

Quality Manager determines the subject of the complaint / appeal and the persons responsible for the process to which the complaint relates.

Depending on the subject of the complaint / the appeal, Quality Manager, collects all the information necessary to resolve the complaint / appeal. These may include: audit records, contract, checklists, audit report, standards, documentation of quality management system BIQS or other.

As an important source of information can be used auditors who carried out the audit with a client who filed a complaint / appeal. Auditors who carried out the audit which is the subject of the complaint / appeal shall not be involved in resolving complaints / appeals of that client.

Evaluation of complaint/appeal

Any complaint/appeal is resolved with a very professional approach. Evaluated by severity, using the following matrix:

Director approves the decision in the form for complaint/appeal.

Taking actions

If the objective treatment establishes that the complaint/appeal is founded, BIQS must take appropriate actions:

Corrections – to correct the resulting errors,

Corrective actions – in order to eliminate the cause of the fault.

Note: When resolving complaints can be used the results of previous similar complaints.

The flow of processing complaints / appeals is recorded in the form of appeal.

Corrective actions are identified and implemented in accordance with the BIQS-11 Procedure for corrective action.

The deadline for the implementation of corrective action vary from the same day to a maximum of 28 days (high hazard), 10 to a maximum of 15 days (medium hazard) and 7 days (small, with no impact), and foresee the necessary resources for their implementation

Notifying the complainant / appellant

About the measures taken and outcome, Quality Manager officially notify the complainant / appellant, delivering information via email, mail or fax.

The satisfaction of the complainant / appellant

Upon receipt of the Decision on complaints / appeals, the complainant / appellant confirms if accepts the submitted decision.

Clients of BIQS are familiar with the mechanism for filing complaints / appeals through documents on the web pages

If the complaint/appellant does not accept the decision, the case is submitted to the safe gaurding committee, whose decision is final in terms BIQS.

The qualty manager resposible for keeping all the records on the handling of complaints.

The entire procedure for resolving complaints and appeals, including the receipt, investigation and decision on complaint/appeals in no case should not result in any discriminatory measure against the complainant.

BIQS together with it certified client which is a subject of the complaint, determine if, and in which level, the subject of complaint/appeal.