Awareness course designed to provide attendees with an introduction to environmental management systems based on the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 standard and how this standard can be used to develop and improve and environmental management system.  In the past some companies may have seen environmental management as a luxury that they could ill afford but things are changing. Legislation designed to protect the environment has steadily increased and many customers use environmental performance as a key selection criteria when awarding contracts. This means that a systematic approach to environmental management can often make good commercial and financial sense.


8 Hours


Decision makers and managers at all levels who need to understand the fundamentals and practical implementation requirements of an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). Environmental Managers or those with responsibility for maintaining an existing EMS to a recognised standard will also find this course very useful.  Also useful to anyone who needs an introduction to environmental management or those wishing to attend the registered 2-day auditor course without prior experience of environmental management systems.


This course will equip delegates with an understanding of the development and application of environmental management techniques and how the ISO 14001:2015 standard is interpreted and implemented.

On completion of the course we expect delegates to be able to:

• Describe the purpose of an environmental management system
• Explain the purpose, content and interrelationships of ISO 14001 and  ISO 14004.
• Interpret the specific requirements of ISO 14001 in the context of an effectively implemented environmental management system


• Benefits of an effective EMS to businesses
• Essential environmental terminology and familiarisation with ISO 14001 definitions
• Purpose and intent of an environmental management system
• Environmental issues and how to assess and determine environmental aspects and impacts
• Understanding organizational context and a risk-based approach
• Summary of key environmental legislation and relevance of legislation to an EMS
• Structure and key requirements of ISO 14001
• Setting environmental  objectives
• Continual improvement process for an EMS
• Monitoring, measurement and  analysis


Attendance will enable delegates to:

• Decide how best to develop the Environmental Management Systems of their organisation and avoid common problems
• Add to their environmental management career credentials
• Understand the relevance of environmental standards to their organisation
• Improve environmental decision-making
• Demonstrate the competitive benefits of environmental management standards  to their own and other organisations